Compression or transfer molded products:

We currently have 18 Electrically Heated Presses with airtight characteristics, and a 100/150-ton capacity and PLC (Programmable logic controller) controlled process variables and 6 Splicing Press.

Injection process products:

We also have 9 rubber injection molders, with an advanced technology system capable of using hot runner and cold runner molds, and a 250-ton production potential of up to 2500 cc injection capacity.

Extruded products:

We manufacture a wide variety of profiles and hoses in natural and synthetic rubber for many applications. We have at the moment 2 continuous vulcanizing lines with the latest technology, which allows us an exceptional quality and precision in every item produced.

We are ready to add different processes to production lines according to our customers’ specifications such as automatic cuts, ID engravings, and drum reeling, among others.

Specialized Tooling Workshop

In Hultek we have a specialized tooling workshop where we manufacture molds and tools, using the latest technology, to satisfy our customers’ needs. This workshop reduces delivery times for tools, molds and prototypes, putting our customers and us in a great vantage point.